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Resource County Roscommon Second Edition
Author: John Hunter
John Hunter, who has been researching family in this county for many years, released Resource Roscommon Disk 1 in 2004. This was then followed in 2006 by Disk 2 which contained additional information. With further research the 3rd edition (2009), and now the 4th edition (2011) was released which bring togehter data from all earlier version of Resource County Roscommon, on to a single CD-ROM.
  • Locate any townland
  • Griffith's Valuation
  • Parish and Townland maps
  • Burial ground records
  • Distribution of surnames
  • School Projects
  • Church Records
  • Major repositories
  • Census data
  • 1796 Flaxgrowers
  • 1768-1799 Freeholders
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