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Roscommon Abbey

Roscommon Friary was founded for the Dominicans by Felim O’Conor, King of Connacht, in 1253 and was consecrated in 1257. It was destroyed by fire in 1308 but rebuilt in 1453 and the surviving fragments belong in the main, to about that date.

The Church originally consisted of one long aisle. The original lancet windows in the east and west walls were replaced in the 15th century by traceried windows which have largely disappeared, but those in the south wall are still preserved. The north transept was added in the 15th century.
The tower remained until 1792. In 1577 the Church and grounds were taken over by Sir Nicholas Malby.

The most remarkable feature of the Friary is the effigy of King Felim O’Conor in a niche in the north wall near where the alter stood. The effigy, carved between 1290 and 1300, has been placed upon a later 15th century tomb with 8 mail-clad warriors in niches with angels above them. On the opposite wall are traces of another 15th century tomb.

After 1698 the Friars left but remained in nearby villages until the mid XIXth century.

The Friary was vested in the Commissioners in 1966 by the owner Mr. Thomas Greally.

Minor conservations works were carried out in 1980.

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